Spotlight Six Software

Software for the mind, body and soul.

Handcrafted With Care

These apps are the product of one person's creative vision and were all carefuly coded by that same individual - with a perfectionist's eye for detail.

In a time where apps have become impersonal corporate profit centers, full of dark patterns and clandestine data collection, these apps take you back to a simpler time when the pursuit of excellence was all that mattered.

Mindfulness Bell

Rings a beautiful Tibetan Singing Bowl at a specified interval - or random intervals - throughout the day.

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Progressive Alarm Clock

Wake up gently and gradually to the beautiful sounds of the Tibetan Singing Bowl.

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TimeClock Connect for iOS

TimeClock Connect makes it easy to track your billable hours and expenses - and then use this data to generate invoices or spreadsheets.

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TimeClock Connect for Android

All the great features of TimeClock Connect - for Android devices.

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