TimeClock Connect

TimeClock Connect makes it easy to track your billable hours and expenses – and then use this data to generate invoices or spreadsheets. It’s perfect for freelancers, contractors, attorneys or anyone who bills clients by the hour.

Website:   timeclockconnect.com

Mindfulness Bell

Let the sound of this beautiful bell bring you back to your true center – and back into the present moment – throughout your busy day.

Progressive Alarm Clock

Progressive Alarm Clock will wake you up gently and gradually using the beautiful sounds of the Tibetan singing bowl. At the specified alarm time, the bells will begin to ring in a pre-defined pattern – starting out softly and slowly and gradually getting louder and more frequent. You’ll come out of your slumber slowly and peacefully. No more being jolted awake.


Brad Fullmer is an independent software developer living in Grass Valley California.